WOW!! That was fun!

The room was packed with 50 people and their machines loading Visual Studio 2008 while Joe Healy ( talked about various Visual Studio Features.

People started arriving at 5PM with Ed Hil from DeVry checking identiies and dna samples. Up to 6:30 PM only the 1st 50 on the list who showed up with a machine got a copy. During this time we kept a list of people as they arrived and the order they arrived in. At 6:30 we opened it up and had just enough copies for everyone!

As each person finished, we took their picture with their completed install screen which Joe will post on his website.

But... this was no ordinary presentation.. the room was "buzzing" all night as people are talking about the installs and other topics too. A few people had problems and were awared the mechanical "bug" by Joe as a prize but most were able to finish. One person had a big server box and 24" monitor! Another had an older system which unfortunately did not have a DVS player.

A few of the DVD's were bad but everyone shared and more importantly got the code for the boxed version.

Everyone got a Visual Studio 2008 T-shirt and thanks to Sherlock Technologies ( and Mike Wasserman, we had pizza and soda.

A big big thanks to Joe Healy, our Microsoft Developer Evangalist for making this possible... Hey now we know how to fill the room each month, give everyone $600 of free software!

 See photos through Joe Healy's blog: