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December 2007 Entries

Update: "The Guy From Boston" on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno has been confirmed for Tuesday, Jan 15th..

Wow!! Way to go Joey!

Keep up with the guy's video rants every Wednesday at: http://www.theyguyfromboston.com


WOW!! That was fun! The room was packed with 50 people and their machines loading Visual Studio 2008 while Joe Healy (www.devfish.net) talked about various Visual Studio Features. People started arriving at 5PM with Ed Hil from DeVry checking identiies and dna samples. Up to 6:30 PM only the 1st 50 on the list who showed up with a machine got a copy. During this time we kept a list of people as they arrived and the order they arrived in. At 6:30 we opened it up and had just enough copies for everyone! ......

Sams - ISBN-13: 978-0-672-33007-0 by Adam Nathan This is a nice book in a number of ways... fairly short, limited scope, nice color pictures and full of great tips that could save you some time. Adam covers the basics of Silverlight 1.0 which is pretty straight forward and will give you a good handle on what it does and does not do. Even though Silverlight 2.0+ is of more interest to most of us, this is a great way to start! A bulk of the book is about basic XAML as implemented in Silverlight 1.0. ......

I've been using regular expressions to validate email for quite a while. Recently I ran across a case where the email started with a number like 4thisisatest@computerways.com which was rejected. Investigating some more I found a better expression at: http://www.breakingpar.com/... The expression i'm using now is: (([^<>()[\]\\.,;:\s@\... ......