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October 2007 Entries

Here in South Florida there is a commuter train that runs between Miami and West Palm Beach. I live in Deerfield Beach about 1/2 way with a Tri-Rail station next to the entrance to I95 that i would normally take to go north or south. Today I need to go to a customer in downtown West Palm ~30 miles but always a pain in the ass due to traffic and construction on I95. I don't make this trip very often but today I'm trying Tri-Rail (http://www.tri-rail.com/) I planned to take the 11:57 am train so picked ......

Tonight I attended the official launch of the DayJet (http://www.dayjet.com/), on demand, point to point air service to under-utilized airports around the state of Florida (initially)... This was held in the Avitat hanger (a fairly new Fixed Base Operator) overlooking the Boca Raton Airport Field. Besides knowing some people who work there, I was looking forward to seeing an Eclipse 500 VLJ - Very Light Jet(http://www.eclipseaviat... the first of a new generation of low cost jet aircraft. ......

All the code Idols did a great job. In the end, mostly by popular vote, Steve Potter won the "Top Geek" title. I'm sure we will see more of Steve as he is very interested in presenting at future meetings! Thanks to the code idol contestants: Steve Potter - Cache Register Jonas Strawski - SQL Server as Document Repository Lou Yovin - Volume Shadow Copy Tim Corbett - System Tray App Louis Datz - dashCommerce Martin Anderson - XML Schemas and powershell Max Trinidad - Powershell script to create CSV ......