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September 2007 Entries

This is a thick (819 pg not including the index) "Training and Reference" book by Anne Boehm and Doug Lowe. If you are serious and especially if you are starting with only a little knowledge, going through this book and the examples from end to end will give you exposure for anything you might need to develop a website with .net. It does not assume that you even know any html and goes through the basics of web page life and server interactions. The book uses a shopping cart example and site to illustrate ......

We have seven potential Code Idol's lined up to compete in the first Ft Lauderdale Code Idol. The judges will be there to harrass and judge the contestants who will be competing for valuable prizes and bragging rights for "Top Geek". Shervin Shakibi, Dave Noderer and a mystery guest will be judging! REGISTER HERE! Each contestant will have ~ 10 min. to present their content. And the contestants are: #1 - Steve Potter Description: “Operation Controller”. I would describe it as an object that handles ......

Check out http://drinkcraftbeer.com/ , Jeff and Devon actually do tours of various breweries and sacrafice for the rest of us by carefully tasting, drinking and reporting on all the beers!


I received this from Marsee Henon, the user group point person from O'Reilly today. In particular I noticed that Julie Lerman, former INETA board member and user group leader from Vermont is one of the authors. --------------------- Begin presss release from O'Reilly ---------------------------... Women of Tech: Hear Us Roar, A Special Series from www.oreillynet.com The Mighty Voices of Sisterhood in Tech Sebastopol, CA--There's no doubt that women coders, developers, designers, and programmers ......