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I'm definitily a space junkie! As a l ittle kid have followed the space program from Alan Shepard's suborbital Mercury flight, through landing on the moon and into the shuttle era. I'm sure this had an effect and drove me from a young age to want to be an electrical engineer which I did alhtough never did work directly for the space program. I did get to climb around in one of the shuttle avionics mockups in Houston as NASA had always bought Sel -> Gould -> Encore real-time computers to drive ......

Check out David Hayden from Sarasota on DotNetRocks. http://www.dotnetrocks.com/... And anyone not listening and watching .NET Rocks, RunAsRadio, Hanselminutes and DNRTV are really missing a great way to keep up with the Microsoft and .NET world while exercising, driving or doing yard work! Carl Franklin, long time Microsoft Developer, Trainer and Regional Director runs Pwop Productions if you want to start your own pod cast. One thing that sets these podcasts apart is the audio ......

At last, official "The Guy From Boston T-Shirts". I like the "Got Balls"!


Be sure to check out the weekly Wednesday Rants. You can also hear the Guy on WRKO in Boston and recently had an appearance on Sirus Satellite Radio.