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May 2007 Entries

Sheldon Cohen has organized a meeting at Host.NET on Thursday, May 31st.Tracy Wittenkeller from T-Worx www.t-worx.com will be presenting at this meeting. He'll be covering DotNetNuke skinning. Skinning is one of the main reasons why so many people have decided to use DNN, with it?s flexible architecture and layout. Please visit: http://dotnetnuke.meetup.co... to register. It is good to see other groups forming, a very good sign! Looking at MeetUp there are a lot of web and computer ......

Check out: http://partywith.palermo.cc

This month we had two new speakers in South Florida! On May 1st at Citrix in Ft Lauderdale, Vishal Shukla presented an Ajax based web application he and his two co-workers wrote for the Palm Beach emergency operations. He did a really great job of pointing out the user interface features that make the application easy for people to use just like a windows app. On May 8th at DeVry Univeristy in Miramar, Max Trinidad presented an overview of various scripiting languages and tools including powershell ......

As has been the custom at major conferences, INETA will again sponsor a User Group Leader Summit the Saturday before Teched 2007 on June 2nd in downtown Orlando from noon to 5pm. This is a great opportunity for anyone who runs, volunteers for or is interested in starting a user group to get some great ideas from other leaders and to share the unique things that you may do. Interactive disucssions will cover topics including running a group.content, promotion and partnerships. If you run a dot net ......

Looks like the battle of the century!! The Guy from Boston.. www.theguyfromboston.com (my nephew, yeah!) has challenged the Kid from Brooklyn.. www.thekidfrombrooklyn.com (BOO!, don't know him but i gotta stick with family) to lose 100 lbs. The loser is to kiss the other's ass in Times Square! I don't know about that but it would be good for both of them to shed a few pounds! If you want to help this along, send your support to radio jocks Toucher and Rich at WBCN in Boston. (www.wbcn.com) ......