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April 2007 Entries

It was a great meeting at West Palm Beach, hosted again by Frank Bocchino and Joe Kelley at OpenClose.com. We had standing room only as Joe Healy, our Microsoft Developer Evanegelist out of Tampa gave me a hard time about a slight miss spelling of Orcus ... I mean Orcas. It was perfect timing because earlier that day the Orcas Beta 1 had been posted on MSDN. Joe gave an excellent run down on the new developer related features. Class extensions, LINQ and many others. Actual release date is unknown ......



This is going to be one of my favorite features of Visual Studio! I've been working with the new "Database Projects" and have been very impressed. You can import a schema and it will script all aspects of the database so it can be used to compare against. More importanttly it can be checked into source safe (or other source control system) as it is just a bunch of SQL scripts. There are menu items for "Schema Compare" and "Data Compare" which is what I will use the most. It is very quick and easy ......