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October 2006 Entries

Thanks to Miguel Castro and INETA for a great user group meeting last Tuesday (2006-10-10). Miguel gave his classic custom control presentation which opened my eyes to a few things. While I do lots of user controls, I've never bothered to make them into separate custom controls but will give it a shot! One unusual thing about the meeting is that we spontaneaously had a fairly lengthy Q&A session before the meeting started. Miguel arrived and got setup an hour before the meeting started and as ......

Thanks to Citrix and Joe Healy for making our first meeting at Citrix a BIG success. The array of Microsoft Technologies comming down the pike is amazing! Thanks for the heads up Joe. There were a few things which I had not seen before like http://www.fiddlertool.com/... for monitoring and inspecting web traffic. Especially useful for debugging web pages!!Special thanks to Mirhir Patel, our sponsor at Citrix. Mihir worked very hard to get everything arranged, room, food and drink (courtesy of ......