Rick Pelletier, Solutions Architect and Jesus Rodriquez, Chief Software Architect and BizTalk Server MVP, both  of Two Connect in Coral Gables presented at our meeting on Tuesday May 9th, 2006.


Also you can see much of this content on a MSDN Web cast: http://weblogs.asp.net/gsusx/archive/2006/05/04/445122.aspx AND both Rick and Jesus will be speaking at TechEd 20006 in Boston this June.


WSE - Web Server Enhancements, 3.0 is the latest version..


WSE 3.0 has three major areas:

  • Security
    • Latest security specs
    • Secure documents and binary data
    • Secure sessions
  •  Productivity
    • Integration with VS05
    • Turnkey security
    • Configuration Tool
  • Interoperability with WCF
    • Windows Communication Foundation
    • Upgrades

WSE 3.0 & BizTalk

  • BizTalk 2006 based on .net 2.0
  • WSE 2.0 for BizTalk 2004 based on .net 1.1 and would not work
  • Leaving a hole in the BizTalk adapters until WCF released in 2007
  • Hence the WSE 3.0 adapter was developed by Two Connect
    • Expose BizTalk Orchestrations as WSE 3.0 Web Services
    • Expose BizTalk Schemas as WSE 3.0 Web services
    • Supports WS-Security, Secure Conversation, Trust
    • Turnkey Security profiles
    • MTOM
  • Other
    • Allows non-http web services support
    • WS-Addressing
    • Dynamic ports
    • Security
      • HTTP, TCP/IP, SMPTP, MSMQ, P2P...
      • point to point and end to end with intermediaries
      • Firewall friendly
      • Persisted message in store and forward


  • Add two numbers
  • Two input, one output parameters
  • Show biztalk orchestration
  • Simple send and response fully encrypted by the WSE 3.0 adapter


WCF Interoperability

  • WSE 3.0 fully interoperable with WCF
    • Transmit adapter
    • Security
    • MTOM
    • WS-Addressing



  • WCF Service running, waiting for input
    • Biztalk picks up file
    • Send to WCF web service and get response
    • Put response file back
    • Fully encrypted


DEMO - TCP Hosted web service

  • No Encryption
  • Using soap tracer to view soap messages in and out


MTOM - Message Transmission Optimization Mechanism

  • W3C standard for sending binary data in a soap message
  • Reduces message size
  • Can be composed with WS-Security
  • Simple programming model
  • Instead of Soap attachments, basically MIME
  • Or binary data in base 64
  • Attachment cannot be encrypted
  • MTOM solves these problems
  • Implemented by Microsoft, Systenet and Tango?



  • BizTalk picks up jpg file from SharePoint
  • View all transfers with soap viewer
  • Encodes with MTOM and encryption
  • Run without MTOM to compare the two files
  • File is much bigger and not encrypted


Exposing BizTalk Orchestration as WSE 3.0 Web Services

  • Extend functionalities provided by SOAP and WSE 20 adapters
  • Makes BizTalk orchestration to heterogeneous consumers in a secure manner
  • Utilizes the WSE Security settings wizard