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August 2005 Entries

1+ million people homeless!

Unknown number dead.

Rampant looting and violence.

Water continues to rise!

Donate to the effort!


Unfortunately I was tied up with family committments and could not actually attend but Joe Healy wrote up a nice article with pictures!



If you are going to PDC this year (Sept 11-16th in LA), please consider submitting a Birds of a Feather sesssion at: http://commnet.microsoftpdc... Unlike past years PDC and Teched's you must be registered to get to the registration page to submit or vote (http://commnet.microsoftpd... on sessions. While your at it, we (INETA) are looking for volunteers to help at PDC, primarily to help with the actual sessions. Moderators submit session ideas and the ones that ......

We scored anIndigo Roadshow in South Florida, yea! And another in Tampa the week after. So... what is Indigo? Will learn a lot more next week but my take is a big step for Microsoft that represents a maturing of the technology to write distributed applications. You will be able to write distributed applications where pieces talk to each other without knowing much detail of the underlying channel. Details of the channels may change over time or depending on the need or availability. Write once.. communicate ......