Tonight, Joe Healy, our Developer Evangalist from Tampa gave a talk on the Enterprise Library. He is really great! It is amazing he was able to cover so much in less than 2 hours.

The room at Devry University was packed, over 50 people at one point and we had to pull in a few extra chairs.

Thanks to Morgan Baker we had a box of June 2005 Paterns and Practices Enterprise Library DVD's to give out This really is a good dvd, although you can download everything from the paterns and practices web site ( it is nice nice to have all those pod casts, web casts, presentations and hands on labs at your finger tips.. not to mention the application blocks!!

I have spent some time with most of the blocks and they are impressive. Everything is built around the configuration block. It is overkill if you just want to store a connection string where web.config or windows form equivalent will do. It is nice because you can store more general objects and it takes care of most of the details of serializing the structures and data.

Joe did dive into the cryptography features and pointed out how easy it was rather than doing it yourself. Another good point is that many of the Enterprise Library features will be built in with VS 2005 including the database factory and updater block.

Thanks again Joe, we will have you speak more often!!

Next we have to figure out what this Indigo Tour that is comming to Ft Lauderdale on August 8th. The only detail we know so far is that we will pull together all the local groups to participate. It happens to fall on the meeting date for our Miramar group.