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July 2005 Entries

Atlanta Geek Dinner

 Thanks to Scoble!


A number of us were here in Atlanta for an INETA board meeting and I happened to notice a geek dinner being hosted by Robert Scoble (http://radio.weblogs.com/0001011/2005/07/24.html#a10745)  in the Atlanta area.


Five of us from the INETA board, Chris Pels, Morgan Baker, Chris Wallace (of Denver), Brian Tinkler and I rented a car and drove to 5 Seasons Brewing.


I did not count but there were something like 25 or 30 people piled into the smoking section / bar. The good news is there were only a couple of smokers and this room also had the pool table and dart boards.


After we had been there a couple of hours, Brian Tinkler (http://geekswithblogs.net/btinkler/) and I started talking to Ken Grisnak (marketing and communications for 5 seasons) was very excited to have the geeks visit, had just discovered blogging and gave us a great tour of the brew room, restaurant and beer garden. It was originally a Friday's but you would never know it now. Turns out they have a large organic menu and good relationship with local farmers. See their website at: http://www.5seasonsbrewing.com/index.html and new today their blog: http://5seasonsbrewing.reger.com/ My wife's brother and his family live near by in Buckhead and I will definitely bring them there next time we visit Atlanta!


We knew a number of the "geeks" as active INETA volunteers we had just been with in Orlando for the User Group Leader Summit. This was my first official geek dinner and did not know what to expect but we ended up having a number of very interesting and productive discussions.


Matt Ranlett (http://www.devcow.com/weblogs/Fun+Times+At+The+Geek+Dinner.aspx) and Brendon Schwartz (yes they are super ug leaders, lots of ideas, energy and enthusiasm) had the idea of connecting a higher level "chalk talk" before or after the MSDN session to attract more people, help get the user groups involved with MSDN and address an audience that is looking for more technical depth than the content normally in the MSDN talks.


We talked to Glen Gordon of Microsoft (DCC in the Atlanta district) who says that although they are going to be doing fewer MSDN events they are trying to raise the technical level from the 100/200 level to the 200/300 level. He is very excited about giving the chalk talks a trial run. This works in very well with the discussions that INETA board member Brian Tinkler has been having with the MSDN people.


We also got to meet the other Chris Wallace (from Atlanta) , Michael Earls (an INETA volunteer), Paul Lockwood and many others whom I did not know and did not have cards.


As always it is great to get out and meet people from other cities doing similar things (User group and work wise) and re-invigorates all of us to volunteer more (ouch!).



FlaDotNet.com Miramar User Group Meeting - 2005-07-19

Tonight, Joe Healy, our Developer Evangalist from Tampa gave a talk on the Enterprise Library. He is really great! It is amazing he was able to cover so much in less than 2 hours.

The room at Devry University was packed, over 50 people at one point and we had to pull in a few extra chairs.

Thanks to Morgan Baker we had a box of June 2005 Paterns and Practices Enterprise Library DVD's to give out This really is a good dvd, although you can download everything from the paterns and practices web site (www.pnplive.com) it is nice nice to have all those pod casts, web casts, presentations and hands on labs at your finger tips.. not to mention the application blocks!!

I have spent some time with most of the blocks and they are impressive. Everything is built around the configuration block. It is overkill if you just want to store a connection string where web.config or windows form equivalent will do. It is nice because you can store more general objects and it takes care of most of the details of serializing the structures and data.

Joe did dive into the cryptography features and pointed out how easy it was rather than doing it yourself. Another good point is that many of the Enterprise Library features will be built in with VS 2005 including the database factory and updater block.

Thanks again Joe, we will have you speak more often!!

Next we have to figure out what this Indigo Tour that is comming to Ft Lauderdale on August 8th. The only detail we know so far is that we will pull together all the local groups to participate. It happens to fall on the meeting date for our Miramar group.


FlaDotNet.com Boca Raton, FL User Group Meeting 2005-07-12 - Developing Webparts with Visual Studio 2005


Shervin Shakibi is speaking at our www.fladotnet.com user group meeting tonight on

Developing Webparts with Visual Studio 2005.


Shervin   Shakibi


Consultant -  ComputerWays [ geekswithblogs.net/shervin/]

Shervin Shakibi is the Chief Technical Officer for Computerways Inc., a Microsoft Gold Partner specializing in .NET development. In addition to being an author and Technical editor on many .NET books he has been a popular speaker at events such as Microsoft Tech Ed, PDC, CodeCamp, and Developer Days.

As the Co-founder of Florida .NET users groups (http://www.fladotnet.com ), he created and currently manages Non-profit Ways (http://www.nonprofitways.com). Non-profit ways gives Developers an opportunity to learn the tools and languages that support .NET, while developing solutions for non-profit organizations which could not afford cost of development. Shervin also servers as the Florida rep for INETA


Shervin informs us that he has installed the latest VS2005 beta and is doing projects but has still been able to use VS2003 to keep existing projects up to date and customers happy. Brave man!!


This presentation is a preview for the Tampa Code Camp www.tampacodecamp.com coming up this Saturday, July 16th in Tampa. Shervin along with our many other great speakers, mostly from Florida but a few from other places in the south.


Showed the login control and some of the new features of VS2005 and asp.net in the construction of some web part controls.


Webparts are an integral part of Sharepoint but are really a separate technology. With VS2003 there is an sdk that you can use to do webparts without sharepoint. In VS2005 webparts are built in and you can make them part of any project.


There was a discussion of if these webparts work with the Firefox, it does work fine, I just tried it on the CodeZone site. As to how it saves the configuration I'm a little less clear.


Well… I have to go do the raffle. Will add a link to Shervin's presentation once he posts it after code camp this weekend.