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October 2003 Entries

We learned a lot about BOF session, all went great as far a I know. Some only had a few people and others had over 100. What is the most amazing is having hundreds of people staying until after midnight in some cases and still full of energy and excitement! I appreciate all the hosts and hope that INETA can do something similar at future conferences. Some of the feedback / lessons: - Get the session details on the conference mini-guide.- While some things changed, almost all the sessions proceeded ......

One down and two to go! Thanks to all the hosts who should have received a Microsoft Optical travel mouse. Despite not being included on the BoF schedule the .NET Rocks quiz show had hundreds of people and a well filled large room. We discovered that microphones are really required as the rooms are fairly large and it helps the host(s) drive the discussion. All the sessions I checked in on had at least a couple dozen people and many had over 80. The best analogy for most of them was being an hour ......

At the top of the 9th and 12 people now watching here..

Just checked out Bill Evjen's blog: http://www.longhornblogs.com/bevjen

Should be a good week at PDC!

I'm sitting here with Jeff Jullian, Jason Beres, Shervin Shakibi and Don XML from New Jersey watching the Marlins (yeah!) vs. Yankees (boo) game.