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Dream: Limiting Ourselves Due To Fear

Monday, January 7, 2013 8:02 AM

Had a dream last night. In it, I was in a packed diner when two guys brandished knives and started collecting people’s wallets. They instructed everyone to sit and stay calm and nobody would get hurt.

Realize there were like 30 people in this diner, and there were 2 guys with knives holding everyone hostage. I started asking people around me why we wouldn’t just overtake them.

“But if we just do as we’re told they said they’d let us go.”

“What if they have guns or something?”

“What if some of us get hurt?”

Nobody would take action. In a weird turn, as dreams tend to go, they let people out to run errands but made them promise that they would return “or else”. In the car I was in, I pointed out that we could go to the police or run or not go back.

“Oh no, something terrible might happen!”


This dream echoes so many real life situations. Maybe not in the “I’m held hostage by a knife wielding 50ish year old man and his son” way, but in many ways we limit ourselves due to fear. If there’s one thing I’ve learned, its that the old saying “Nothing ventured, nothing gained” is very true. It’s through taking risks in our lives that we grow the most.

Otherwise, you’re just being held hostage in a diner by an old guy with a knife. Or something like that.



# re: Dream: Limiting Ourselves Due To Fear

That's what you get for eating McDonalds before you go to bed... lol
1/7/2013 8:34 AM | WilliamH

# re: Dream: Limiting Ourselves Due To Fear

Fear is something that can move you forward or hold you hostage. Thanks for the inspiring post. 2/1/2013 3:30 PM | Tanja

# re: Dream: Limiting Ourselves Due To Fear

Thanks that was quite inspiring to me. I sometimes feel that I have to many fears, but I'm working on getting it together. 3/30/2013 8:00 AM | Sandra A

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