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Some 2011 GeeksWithBloggers to Watch

Tuesday, December 13, 2011 10:19 PM
I've been at GeeksWithBlogs for 6 years now, and over the years its been great to see new people join the GWB community. I wanted to highlight a few blogs that started up this year that you might want to add to your RSS feed.

Simon has some crazy deep, low level type posts on .NET code which I'm sure some people would think is fantastic. But what I really like is the insight into RedGate. Simon works for RedGate software, and shares experiences from his time there. I'm looking forward to the "Inside RedGate" posts in the coming months.

Lori is Canadian, involved in the Ontario developer community, and has some great insightful posts not only on tech but on book reviews and general geek life. I totally related to her recounting of working for a small company run by a jerk boss.

Malisa's blog is just fascinating! He runs the Ugandan .NET User Group and so in addition to some great technical content he provides a glimpse into the development community in Africa! I watched a TED talk once by Chimamanda Adichie who talked about the danger of "a single story" and it very much challenged me on what my views of various parts of the world that I had never visited but yet had pre-dispositions towards. Malisa's blog is such an eye opener, exposing that yes - in a place most westerners associate with only starvation, wars, and horrible stereotyped wrestlers named Kamala - there's business, technology, software development, and .NET. It's a view of the global industry that we're a part of. Definitely a must-read, not just for the cultural aspects but also because Malisa knows his stuff!

These and other great blogs can be read on www.geekswithblogs.net!



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