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Microsoft WPC–Day 1 and 2

Monday, July 11, 2011 5:19 PM

I'm down in Los Angeles this week for my first ever Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference! This is the biggest industry conference I've ever attended, with more than 15000 people from around the world! It's also a bit different too because I don't know *anybody* here. WPC is more of a business/sales/marketing type of conference, not so much technical. As a result, its an entirely different crowd than the usual suspects at TechEd, PDC, etc.

That's not a bad thing though! I'm meeting some great people and there are still some familiar faces around the conference.

I arrived yesterday and came down to register for the conference. The sign in process was different from other MS conferences in that they had self-serve touch screen kiosks. Kind of like self serve kiosks at airports, you sign in and then pick up your name badge at other tables (print on demand). You then get your pen and water bottle at a different location, which I though was a little odd...however, with 15k people needing to be registered, I can understand wanting to separate them.

There was a great welcome reception outside the convention centre with food, games, and music.


After hanging out there, I made may way to the Canadian welcome reception which was fantastic! Great food, great conversation, great atmosphere!


That was Day 1.

Day 2 started with conference keynotes by Steve Ballmer and others, and it was very different to have it at the Staples Center with a "theatre in the round" type of setup!

The keynotes were very much at a sales level, talking up the various business units and revenue streams. They actually went a bit long for my tastes, especially the bit on Windows 7, but its also a different group of people: its not all about app dev, its about hardware vendors shipping with Windows, hosted service providers, learning providers, etc.

There were some great stats mentioned too. For every $1 Microsoft makes, a Partner makes $8+. If Microsoft and it’s partners were measured in GDP and compared to countries, it would be the 20th in the world. It was very eye opening to the breadth of the Microsoft ecosystem on the business side.

Lunch however...boxed lunches, really?! Definitely spoiled from the great TechEd and PDC meals. ;)

If you want to keep up with my WPC adventure, keep an eye on my blog (you're at it ;) ),
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# re: Microsoft WPC–Day 1 and 2

Dude.... I had an opportunity to go, and didn't. Had I known you would be there, well... I probably still wouldn't have gone... but I would have considered it a little longer. ;) 7/11/2011 7:03 PM | Chris G. Williams

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