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WP7 Samsung Focus Has Hidden USB Tethering!

Monday, November 15, 2010 11:30 PM

My buddy Shane Sholdice tweeted an Engadget article revealing that the new Samsung Focus WP7 device does support USB tethering, a feature that was reported missing from the WP7 devices.

The article references an article on MobilityDigest.com that takes you through step by step how to enable this. However, a word of warning: these instructions seem to *only* work with phones hooked up to the AT&T network. The author was given the username and password for AT&T tethering, which suggests that those credentials are required (I’ve never tethered a phone before, so if this is common knowledge please excuse my newb-ness). If that’s the case, then we’d need the info for Rogers to figure out how to get tethering working up here in Canada.

But for those in the US, great news!


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