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My Mix 10 Community Vote Ballot

Wednesday, January 6, 2010 11:33 AM

So with Mix 10 approaching, and the voting for the community submissions open, I’m sure you’re wondering “D’Arcy, who are YOU voting for?” since obviously my recommendations and backing is GOLDEN. So this can either be seen as a boost to the submitters, or the kiss of death to their hopes of speaking. I prefer to think the former, but hey, enough chit-chat, let’s look at my ballet pics!

SketchFlow for Real Software Development
David Wesst
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There are a few SketchFlow talks scheduled for Mix. However, I know Dave personally and how passionate he is about SketchFlow.

Me: Hey Dave, how was that romantic date with your girlfriend last night?
Dave: Awesome! She was like “So Tiger, what do you have planned for tonight?” and I was able to use SketchFlow to prototype our entire date for her! I need to come up with some new shapes in the toolbox though…

But SERIOUSLY, Dave *really* knows SketchFlow and is actively using it in his day to day work. If you want to learn about it from someone, David Wesst is your man.

Security in Silverlight Applications
Miguel Madero
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Spinning buttons be damned! We’ve all seen those demos, and while they’re great, understanding the nuts and bolts of working within the nuances of Silverlight to create secure business applications is where the *real* sexiness happens! Miguel’s submission looks to be a great overview of security within Silverlight, including common hacking techniques, authentication mechanism, service level security, and others.

Building a High Volume Private Cloud
Sean Kenney
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“So D’Arcy, I don’t know if you know this, but there’s this thing called Azure…”. Yes, there is this thing called Azure, which is a fantastic platform that all developers should consider for cloud computing (wink nudge to the Azure team, you can buy me a beer at Summit for the shout out). HOWEVER, Azure *still* hasn’t solved a huge issue for Canadian organizations: information security in light of government policies. Because of the Patriot Act, Canadian information stored in cloud services hosted in the US can be access by the US government. This causes privacy issues in Canada, with some provinces (like BC) implementing laws requiring citizen data to be stored within Canada.

Anyway, for me that’s why I’m interested in hearing about setting up a “private” cloud as opposed to using an generic solution. Sean is from HP, and will be telling his experiences setting up a private cloud. I love real world examples. Should be a good one!

Its the People, Stupid – A New Framework for Developing Sociality
Deborah Schultz
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“Service oriented design for the Next Web crowd. We’ll pay particular attention to what skills and organizational changes are needed as we think an attentive to and fro is the intimate secret of success. This is a catalyst session designed to challenge and elicit feedback from the room and galvanize new thinking.”

It doesn’t all have to be technical people, and a session where we’re mind-hacking an SOA for the next web crowd sounds very interesting. Add some Las Vegas 2-foot margaritas to the mix and this session has the potential to be *epic*!

Silverlight Killed the HTML Web Site…or DID IT?!

This list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning *my* submission. As an added bonus, I can announce that everyone that attends my session will receive a bar napkin autographed by Donald Belcham*!

*Note: Availability of Don Belcham autographed bar napkins depends on how much Scotch Don has at the MVP summit in February. Bar napkins may include profanity, vomit, and/or glass marks.


# re: My Mix 10 Community Vote Ballot

I just noticed the post now, and I am happy to see that you captured my essence perfectly with that conversation piece. Very awesome.

Thanks for the support! 1/19/2010 3:41 PM | David Wesst

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