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Canadian Geek Boutique Now Online…Although Who Runs It Is In Question

Tuesday, May 12, 2009 11:16 PM

Oh sure, Think Geek has been around for a while. But y’know, as kewl as Think Geek is, the whole US dollar and international shipping just never got me to make that jump to actually order anything.

But thanks to a couple of Canadians out in Fredericton NB, Canada now has a home-grown option for getting its geeky stuff.

The Geek Chic Boutique has been in business since December 2008, and has recently gotten its online store up and running. Their products cover the gambit: t-shirts, gadgets, electronics, board games, geek drinks (Bawls), and other kewl geeky items. They even have a hand-crafted section where you can get plush robots.

Who is behind this little endeavour? Well, my guess is that its this guy named Luke:

We don’t know much about Luke, except that he has a wild imagination…because also listed under the “Who are we?” area of the site is Flo:

A closer review of Flo’s stats reveals Luke’s deception:

- Gamer since the age of 5
- Started with Nintendo, grew up on King’s Quest
- Loves strategy style board games
- Constantly modifies her computer system and is a huge Linux and OSS fan
- Lists Linus Torvalds and Richard Stallman as favourite celebrities
- And remember, she runs a store carrying geek items

THIS WOMAN DOES NOT EXIST! Very ingenious ruse Luke to draw in the geeks to your site. I’m sure it started innocently enough, with you not wanting to admit that YOU are the one that knits those plush robots together. We’re on to you pal.

Ok, but seriously, if you have a hankering for some geeky goods and are thinking of dropping your hard earned Canadian dollars at some south-of-the-border geek store, maybe check out the Geek Chic Boutique first and see if some fellow Canadian geeks can’t help fill your need.



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