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Wo?dPad Can Co?rupt Config F?les When Remo?ing

Tuesday, May 12, 2009 3:13 PM

As I was working on my recent SharePoint issue (closer to a solution btw, stay tuned!), I had to make a few changes to the web.config file on the server. I remote in, I make some changes, I save, and *poof* – SharePoint is broken?!

Odd…the error message is pointing to a typo in the web.config file. Turns out that TypeName was showing as Type?ame. Huh, weird…I didn’t change that area. Oh well.

This little game of fix, save, find-new-questionmark went on for a while. I tried a couple of times to revert to the backed up version and re-do the changes, but the same corruption kept occuring.

Now what I should point out is that I was using WordPad for this (it was defaulted to be the program to use for editing). So I switched to NotePad and went through doing fix by fix until the errors stopped showing up. Everytime it was a ‘?’ that replaced some random character.

I hit the web wanting to verify that I wasn’t crazy and that WordPad had some deep seated hatred for those who used it via RDP, and I came across Damon Armstrong’s blog where he relays a similar story. He writes:

I don’t know why, but Word pad randomly places little questions marks at various intervals throughout the Web.config. I saw no rhyme or reason to the madness, but I confirmed it on multiple Windows 2003 servers. So, if you’re configuring SharePoint, or any .NET application for that matter, on a remote machine, make sure to shy away from Wordpad because you’ll save yourself a headache.

Notepad seemed to work fine for me, but WordPad is of the devil!



# Thank yo?

Thanks for this, I thought I was the only one irritated by those stupid question marks. And indeed using remote desktop on a windows server 2003 machine 5/14/2011 10:21 AM | Marcel

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