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Movie Maker is Pissing Me Off

Tuesday, October 28, 2008 4:20 PM

I love Windows Server 2008 as my desktop…LOVE IT! Sure, there have been a few hoops to jump through, but for the most part its been fine.

Until now.

Now I have videos that I need to upload to the web, to edit, to make *magic* from. But Movie Maker and Server 2008 are not friends. In fact, I had to get an installed copy of it to get it to even run (because it won’t install from an MSI on server OS’s). I’ve got the codecs installed, everything is great…except that I can’t import ANY media into Movie Maker.

Not images (jpg, bmp, etc.), not videos, nothing. But it doesn’t error out. It just never adds them. I click import, I navigate, I select the file, and *poof*. Nothing…but it doesn’t crash.

Anyone out there have

a) experience with Movie Maker and why this is happening?
b) any options for video editing software that WILL WORK on Server 2008?



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