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Microsoft Canada Tech Days ‘08

Wednesday, September 10, 2008 5:26 PM


That’s right friends! Coming to a city near you* this October to December, its the Microsoft Tech Days 08! And the reigning members of Microsoft’s in-house wrestling team, The Nation of Domination**, are EXPECTING you to come out and LEARN, INTERACT, GET FREE STUFF, and LEARN EVEN MORE! Don’t be caught in the cross hairs of Sasha “The Rock” Krsmanovic’s eyebrow raise, ‘cause you know the MVP Elbow is just around the corner!

Ok, so seriously though…Microsoft is going to be coming through Canada between October and December bringing Microsoft Tech Days ‘08. Previously, Microsoft held an event called Energize IT in Toronto every year. But instead of doing that this time around, they decided to take it on the road! So how does this differ from regular Microsoft events that we’ve all seen in the past?

1. All Thriller, No Filler

This is *NOT* a marketing tour! It’s a one to two day conference (depending on your city) that focusses on learning and using Microsoft technologies. Think of it as a Microsoft focussed code camp of sorts. Below is a sample of what you can expect schedule wise:


2. It’s For Everyone

Ok, so there have been Microsoft events that included both IT Pro and Developer groups, but I wanted to point out that this is indeed a dual-competency event. There are sessions and tracks for both IT Pros and Developers.

3. It’s NOT FREE

Say what? Oh, you heard me the first time! This is *NOT* a free event. Keep in mind what I said earlier though: this is *NOT* a marketing event either! This is intended to give you opportunities to learn and experience Microsoft technologies, not just hear marketing talk and see “I didn’t write a single line of code”*** demos.

Ok so here are the details on this puppy:


Toronto: Oct 29th and 30th
Montreal: Nov 6th and 7th
Vancouver: Jan 21st and 22nd
Calgary Dec 10th and 11th
Ottawa: Nov 27th
Winnipeg: Dec 4th
Halifax: Dec 17th

Note that some cities have two day events, while others have one day events.


2 Day Conference:
Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Vancouver
Early Bird Price: $ 249.99 (By Oct 15th)
Regular Price: $ 499.99 (After Oct 15th)

1 Day Conference:
Winnipeg, Halifax, Ottawa
Early Bird Price: $ 124.99 (By Oct 15th)
Regular Price: $ 249.99 (After Oct 15th)

Space is limited to: 5,000 IT Pros. & Developers


I can tell you about all the benefits of networking with your peers, having great deep-dive sessions on various technologies, and having the speakers be available in between sessions. But you really want to know what the swag kit looks like, don’t you? All right…

6-month TechNet Plus Subscription
Visual Studio 2008 Professional – Full Package Product
Expression Web – Full Package Product
Visual Studio 2008 Team Suite – Evaluation Software
Expression Studio – Evaluation Software
Virtualization Resource Kit
30% off certification voucher – Applicable to All MS Certification Exams
TechEd 2008 DVD Set
$100 Discount Coupon for DevTeach/SQLTeach

I CANNOT STRESS ENOUGH how the cost of attending this is infinitely recouped by getting the TechEd 2008 DVD Set! I attended TechEd and let me tell you…CRAZY amount of content and information on those DVD’s. You normally would have to attend Tech Ed to get that, so that’s worth the price of admission right there.

Also, that might account for why there’s a limit of 5000 people who can register.

Where Do I Sign Up?!

So you’ve decided that you want to check this out, get more info to convince your boss, or you’re just really scared that John Bristowe and Jean-Luc David are going to lay the smackdown on you. Here’s where you can register and get more info:


Keep in mind that right now there’s nothing there but the schedule. That’s because this is *just* off the presses and public knowledge as of today, but check back on that site often and I’ll also put a blog post up when registration is open.

Hope to see you out!


*A city near you unless you’re Regina or Saskatoon…sorry guys!

**Nation of Domination was a stable in the WWF (now WWE) and featured The Rock before he was…well, The Rock.

***Shout out to Johnny Bristowe!

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# re: Microsoft Canada Tech Days ‘08


Could you please consider having a similar(Microsoft Canada Tech Days '08)workshop in Edmonton?

Hey, we may not be as big as Calgary but we think we can still match with other major cities :)

Thanks 9/15/2008 11:19 AM | Astatke

# re: Microsoft Canada Tech Days ‘08

Are you going to take that lying down D'Arcy!??! 9/16/2008 2:29 PM | Justice~!

# re: Microsoft Canada Tech Days ‘08

@Donald - I understand, you'll be too busy writing wrappers for Textboxes and Radio Buttons. ;)

@Astatke - I think the idea was to spread the locations in places where people could potentially get to them if they wanted to...so since Edmonton and Calgary are pretty close, Edmontonians could drive down to it. Same idea for Regina and Winnipeg (although its a bit further of a drive)

@Justice - Donald is just jealous I have more chicks following my blog than his. ;) 9/16/2008 2:40 PM | D'Arcy from Winnipeg

# re: Microsoft Canada Tech Days ‘08

Ooh, very nice. Looks worth attending just for the swag bag. Now I'm left with a dilemma - do I attend this or Web Directions North? I'm not doing both! Suspect I will give WDN a miss, as although I have attended it before, and it was great, this would be a new thing for me. I like new things :) 9/21/2008 12:43 AM | Grant Palin

# re: Microsoft Canada Tech Days ‘08

Where are the session details?

If I am going to pay $250 or $500 *and* two days from work, I need to know exactly what is being offered. It also makes it easier for me to justify this to my employer.

9/23/2008 11:10 AM | aenagy

# re: Microsoft Canada Tech Days ‘08

Posted with a link to the session info...its now available.


D 9/23/2008 5:58 PM | D'Arcy from Winnipeg

# re: Microsoft Canada Tech Days ‘08

Wow MS must hate sask we always get shafted. 10/1/2008 4:47 PM | Vince

# re: Microsoft Canada Tech Days ‘08

The MS site shows Windows Server 2008 also in the swag kit. What is the license on that. It does NOT say evaluation copy on the MS site. 10/5/2008 1:36 AM | Bob Ancle

# re: Microsoft Canada Tech Days ‘08

The products list is meant to show the products that will be featured in the sessions, but it isn't a list of the swag kit. Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008 are not part of the swag.

D 10/5/2008 9:44 PM | D'Arcy from Winnipeg

# re: Microsoft Canada Tech Days ‘08

I don't see any sessions on BizTalk, SOA, WCF, and EAI. 10/8/2008 3:13 PM | Darryll

# re: Microsoft Canada Tech Days ‘08

Is the Visual Studio 2008 Pro (in the swag bag) an Academic version? 10/23/2008 8:39 AM | Cameron

# re: Microsoft Canada Tech Days ‘08

Cameron: As far as I know its a full version, not just academic.

D 10/24/2008 9:48 AM | D'Arcy from Winnipeg

# re: Microsoft Canada Tech Days ‘08

Nice. Full version... but do you know if there are limitations like "for personal use only"... ie, not for business, or consulting, etc.
Thanks -- see ya there 11/5/2008 2:22 PM | Robin

# re: Microsoft Canada Tech Days ‘08

I love those pictures, I wonder how the guys look today :-) Jessy from brunello cucinelli online shop team.

Btw. Are there any picutes from this years tech days? 11/4/2011 12:06 PM | Jessica

# re: Microsoft Canada Tech Days ‘08

They look like a fun team together, nice to see some of the older pictures on the blog. 1/23/2013 5:22 AM | Tanja

# re: Microsoft Canada Tech Days ‘08

They are a great team, are these guys still working together? 2/6/2013 7:58 AM | Sandra

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