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Ignite Your Life: Responsibility – Make Your Life Results Based

Sunday, August 17, 2008 11:51 AM

This post is part of a series called Ignite Your Life. For background info on the series, please refer to previous posts on introducing the series and The 5 R's (where you can find links to the other posts in this series).

The New England Patriots have a dubious title associated with them: they're probably one of the only teams that will be remembered for LOSING the SuperBowl. With a perfect season on the line, they lost in dramatic fashion to the upstart NY Giants. The drama surrounding the team as they attempted to best the Miami Dolphin team that still holds the record for a perfect season was talked about everywhere. Even in a losing cause, their prowess and reputation made even the loser of the SuperBowl a memorable part of the event.

In Rules for Renegades, Christine talks about results as the gateway to privilege, credentials, and (in the context of a business) dollars. In our lives, results can be the same gateway.

Those that have clear, identifiable goals in their life and strive to achieve those goals are the ones that become the everyday-heroes around our offices, our church, our community groups, our sports teams, etc. They are the ones that are seen as the leaders, the go-to people, the anchors.

But all of that is a side bonus/side effect of something more important: Making your life results based is a key piece of choosing a life less ordinary. For you and I, personally, we need to challenge ourselves to be better...we need to push ourselves beyond our limits, to try things that are new and scary, to hold ourselves to a higher standard not because it will impress others or grant us privilege, but because we *want* to be a higher standard.

I have a lot of friends in the Alt.NET movement who are considered by many to be "elitist" because of their views. I don't agree with everything they believe, but I also respect the fact that they take a personal stand in what they believe is right. It's also noteworthy that they have winning records when it comes to projects and success. Their life is results based.

One very real benefit of living a results-based life is that you give yourself the ability to alter your own future. The old saying of "Those that refuse to learn from the past are doomed to repeat it." is very true. Think of areas in your life that have seemed to repeat themselves over and over in the past. Why? Why are those pieces of your life not changing? Why does it seem that you can't ever get over the wall? I would suggest its because you haven't focused on overcoming that as a goal, pushing yourself to the positive result of surpassing the obstacle and claiming victory over it in your life. When you live a results based life, you'll still encounter those walls...but you'll also climb over them more quickly and frequently than before.

Remember: You are CEO of your life. Just as companies require success and results to prosper, so do we as individuals. Identify the results that you want to see accomplished in your life and start making a plan to achieve those.



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