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Ignite Your Life: Responsibility – Introduction

Sunday, August 10, 2008 10:28 AM

This post is part of a series called Ignite Your Life. For background info on the series, please refer to previous posts on introducing the series and The 5 R's.

Now that we’ve moved through the Realization stage, we can move on to the next R in the five: Responsibility.

  • I park at my parkade, and once again see the sign saying that the owners take no responsibility for any stolen or damaged property.
  • I went to a gym a few years back that made me sign a waiver saying they weren’t responsible for any injuries that I incurred while working out there.
  • In the contracts for work that I sign, I see over and over the lines that spell out that the business is not responsible if I do something that causes damages.

Responsibility is something that as humans we typically don’t go running after. Responsibility usually is seen as being associated with risk, difficulty, work, and generally a negative thing.

But responsibility is one of the most important and powerful aspects for igniting our life. It’s something that should be embraced instead of shied away from. It’s something that gives us freedom instead of shackling us.

And its something that too often we place on others who really don’t want, and shouldn’t be expected to carry, the responsibility of making us better.


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