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New Blog Series: Igniting Your Life

Saturday, July 26, 2008 10:54 PM

Microsoft Canada did a webcast series last year called Ignite Your Career. Over the course of the podcasts different people weighed in on various topics like increasing development skills, developing resources, and becoming your own boss and starting a business. Great webcasts, great content.

But there’s something missing. You can’t have a discussion about how to better your career without covering something that transcends your career: You.

So often we try to separate the areas of our life into silos. Work, family, friends, church, volunteer work…we fool ourselves into thinking that we can excel at one area by making changes in isolation of the others, and yet I’m starting to believe that’s not the case. We shouldn’t be playing different characters throughout the day depending on what our surroundings are, because we do a disservice to ourselves and the people around us.

I blogged recently about reading some fantastic books:

The Five Temptations of a CEO

Rules for Renegades

and from a while back, also

The Five Dysfunctions Of A Team

One thing that really struck me about these books was how the focus wasn't on profit and loss, instilling fear and demanding loyalty in underlings, or total world domination at any cost. Instead, there was a recurring theme here: people are important, and business exists because of people.

I'm trying to ignite my life, not just my career. I've been an independent consultant for a year now, and I've grown but I'm also realizing that there are still things I need to examine, to come to terms with, and to overcome. These aren't just business things, but life things. Christine, the author of Rules for Renegades, encourages the reader to think of themselves as the CEO of their own life. As the CEO, you need to ensure that all departments of your life are running properly...not just the pieces that contribute to your bank account but the ones that give you self worth, peace, integrity, and true happiness (which is no way associated with your bank account btw).

This blog series will be my observations, opinions, and gleamings from my recent readings. I hope some of the insights and personal stories resonate with some of you and hopefully help someone think of their own situation in a different light.



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