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Rules For Renegades – How To Rock Your Career and Stories of Bedding Bill Gates

Sunday, July 20, 2008 2:34 PM

I’ve finished reading a fantastic book by Christine Comaford-Lynch called Rules for Renegades. I cannot recommend it highly enough, especially if you’re

a) Currently self employed, whether recently or have been for a while
b) Frustrated in your current employment and are struggling to find peace
c) Consider yourself happily employed in your current environment

So basically I’m recommending it to anyone, because the book is not your typical Donald Trump style “kill them all and plunder their town” type of book. It’s a book meant to encourage you to not just “believe in yourself, be the best you can, blah blah blah”, but also to consider where you’re at, why you believe and act how you do, and what changes you can make not to just be successful in business but more importantly to be successful in life.

Christine shares personal stories that range from board room negotiations, her father’s death from cancer, and her short-term relationship dating Bill Gates. These stories prove to be great case studies to prove her points and back up her reasoning for how she does business and why her suggestions can help the reader in theirs.

I’m going to be doing some blog posts around my insights from reading the book, but they won’t be ripped from the pages Christine has filled, so go to Amazon and order the book (here if you’re in Canada).



# re: Rules For Renegades – How To Rock Your Career and Stories of Bedding Bill Gates

Thanks D'Arcy! Glad you "got" the spirit of my book. :) I encourage everyone to download the super helpful (and free) resources for business-building on www.RulesForRenegades.com.

Also I answer questions from entrepreneurs LIVE each month on a free Q&A call. Sign up at www.AskChristineNow.com.

Christine 7/21/2008 12:10 AM | Thanks + grab the free resources

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