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Tech Ed – Day 0, Part 1

Monday, June 2, 2008 5:18 PM

So Sunday was “Day 0” for me here at Tech Ed. I figured it would go like this:

- Fly in to Orlando
- Check into my hotel
- Spend the night fixing my Server 2008
- Sleep

What happened:

- Flew in to Orlando
- Checked into my hotel
- Spent the night partying with INETA peeps
- Worked on my machine
- Fell asleep at 1:30ish

The flight in was great. Winnipeg to Minneapolis and then to Orlando. Great Northwest Airlines experience. Getting to Orlando, I had purchased a Mears shuttle pass ahead of time to avoid the taxi hit. It was a bit inconvenient (you had a 30 minute wait time, along with a LOT of other people…all who had to wait outside in the humidity), but $30 for return fare is cheaper than the 30 – 40 one way via taxi.

Ramada Convention Center I Drive (on Jamaican Court) is a good conference hotel for budget travellers. The room is clean enough (I’m not really that picky…water stains on the ceiling, carpet kind of dirty, but washroom and bed are clean), and its within walking distance of everything pretty much. Unfortunately their *free* wi-fi signal doesn’t reach my room (LAME), so I won’t be coming back to it again just on that point. I’ll be here at the convention center or out with the gang for 90% of the time anyway, so no biggie.

Ok, so that's the travel piece...gonna blog Part 2 later to tell the story of my nightlife story...and an update from tonight's Party with Palermo.



# re: Tech Ed – Day 0, Part 1

Hi. I wanted to let you know that I have signed a contract to purchase a new wireless network for our hotel. It is supposed to be installed before monthend. I am sorry it was not replaced prior to your visit. Also, if you remember, please let me know which room you were in so I can have the ceiling and carpet attended to.
Thank you.
Bill Cordaro
General Manager
Ramada Convention Center I-Drive 6/3/2008 6:04 PM | bill cordaro

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