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Wednesday in Toronto - Zombies, Beer, and Blood

Thursday, May 15, 2008 12:59 AM

We left the restaurant and made it to our final destination just in time for our show...


That's right: Evil Dead - The Musical! We noticed the posters up for it around the city, and low and behold there was a show tonight and we got tickets for it! I decided to get one row after the "splatter zone", just to be safe. A word of warning to those buying tickets: the first row beyond the splatter zone is STILL IN the splatter zone..more on that in a second.

The Diesel venue was really kewl...had a very cabaret feel to it (you sat around small tables instead of just theatre style seating). They also had table side service for food and alcohol which was nice.


So there we were, me and my nice clean shirt...


The musical starts, and it was a fantastic performance. Very entertaining, very well performed, and with great homage to the original movies (the story seemed to span Evil Dead 1, 2, and Army of Darkness). Now, after the second intermission a guy came by passing out ponchos to people in the splatter zone (first two rows at the foot of the stage) and our row (first raised level). We declined...I mean, c'mon, we were far enough (besides, we thought it would be kewl if we did get splattered anyway).

So during the climactic final battle, we started seeing Ash take out zombie after zombie, with blood splattering goodness being passed around the audience. Then he started taking on his girlfriend, Linda, right in front of us! Uh oh...there goes her scalp...we can see her brain...and *GOOSH*: A stream of sticky red goop goes FLYING out from her, bathing the front two rows and ...well...


Now, I had to walk back to my hotel...and as you can expect, I got some odd looks and comments. For instance:

Weird Guy Holding Flowers: Oooh...Ooooooh...
Me: It's ok, its fake...we came from a show.
Weird Guy Holding Flowers: Oh, I thought maybe it was coming from your penis

Homeless Guy: Can I ask you guys a question, and it has nothing to do with change.
Us: Sure
Homeless Guy: First of all, what happened to you?! (he was talking to me...and he didn't want change, he wanted us to buy him food)

Police Officer: Shocked Look
Me: I'm ok, its fake
Police Officer: What did you do?
Me: I went to the Evil Dead show! (I realized after the cop might have not been so worried about me as much as whoever the blood may have belonged to)

Surprisingly, there were just as many, if not more, people who walked by without blinking an eyelash at me...like a guy walking around caked in blood wasn't something new to behold.

Anyway, it was a great show and you should check it out if you can. Thus ends the Wednesday in Toronto. Bring on Thursday!



# re: Wednesday in Toronto - Zombies, Beer, and Blood

LOL... Great stories, wish I could have gone. 5/16/2008 9:33 AM | Adam Kahtava

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