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Live Blogging MVC Presentation

Tuesday, April 15, 2008 5:10 PM

I'm here in the MVC Framework talk with Phil Haack and Scott Hanselman.


Here we go...

- Pie chart showing influence...part Hanselman, part Haack, the rest MVP's...where is Conery on the chart?!

- Scott is talking about the solid foundation that Web Forms have...he mentions something and Oren starts waving his hand and yelling "No its not!". They're going to meet at the Microsoft playground after the session.

- The key message coming out is that MVC is *not* a replacement to Web Forms...Car vs. Motorcycle analogy.

- Thinking about the URL as another user interaction...interesting thought. The idea of making URL's so obvious that people would use the address bar to access areas of the site.

- Phil Haack - "We'll show you MVC Preview 2 bitch!"...oh, "bits"...my bad.

- Hanselman just pointed out that Phil Haack just drove out one audience member...but then reassures Phil that it wasn't his fault.

- Hanselman: I love Northwind...its better than Cats...I'll see it again and again.

- I need to include this comment from Justice Gray, who I'm talking to during this talk via MSN. Justice is looking for the MVC preview with the Rhino Mocks stuff built in. "I'm looking for the MVCToolKit that proves Microsoft is IN BED with a giant Israeli man."

- Jeff Palermo asked to see the unit tests...which has thrown Phil Haak off! Hanselman is ENRAGED! "Write test now Haack or I replace you on that pie chart with Conery." Rob rubs his hands together.

- I feel bad for Phil...we need to get him some Dristan or something

- OH NO! Phil says "...we're doing something we call 'Single Responsibility Principle'..." Oren is ENRAGED! "Yoooooou call?! OREN SMASH!"...JP Boodhoo is holding him back....

- Going over what NHaml is, and how you can switch out a view engine with the MVC Framework...very kewl (the switching, not necessarily NHaml...my opinion)

- Scott Hanselman to Phil: "Richard Campbell left...that's your fault." Phil is IN TEARS!

IMG_0150 IMG_0152

- Reviewing routing...awesome tool that you can use to run your route against all the set routes defined.

- Question time...

- Good discussion about why the investment was made for MVC

Ok, so obviously some of this is in fun and wasn't *as* I described it. It was actually a GREAT session showing some great features of MVC framework and also raising points about what's coming up. Great job Phil and Scott!



# re: Live Blogging MVC Presentation

You are a *MASSIVE* suck up!! =)

Anyway, you let me know where the download is for MvcToolkit b/c if it *is* in the "3.5 extensions" (which happens to *also* be the name of the previous release of the MVC), it is news to me and should still be linked on the download page.

The question was, "What can we do to get a link on the asp.net/mvc page that has mvctoolkit?"
4/15/2008 5:55 PM | Justice~!

# re: Live Blogging MVC Presentation

>>>The key message coming out is that MVC is *not* a replacement to Web Forms...Car vs. Motorcycle analogy.

Unfortunately I don't drive motorcycles...

4/15/2008 6:17 PM | Shaneo

# re: Live Blogging MVC Presentation

By the way, I hope you're having a good vacation down there in Seattle douche, while your fellow user group board members are busy at work back here in Winnipeg taking care of business and planning upcoming events for the year and so on....

Yeah, I've had a few beers, so what! 4/15/2008 11:03 PM | Shaneo

# re: Live Blogging MVC Presentation

"We'll show you MVC Preview 2 bitch!". that is a good one ahaha anyway I think that presentation was a blast 4/16/2008 10:21 AM | miami

# re: Live Blogging MVC Presentation

I didn't say that, but I was thinking it. ;) Great summary of the talk! 4/21/2008 10:45 PM | Haacked

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