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Adventures in the USA - Twin Cities Code Camp

Friday, April 4, 2008 9:15 PM

I'm in Minneapolis this weekend for the Twin Cities Code Camp, tired but ready for a great day of geek goodness tomorrow! Unfortunately I'm not tired from Chris William's CodeCampPallooza (sorry again that I couldn't make it Chris...I have a few hours of straight session prep to do as it is before I crash into a semi-comotose state :(  ). Instead, I had a whirlwind day...

It started at 5:00 AM. Yes, 5:00 AM. We got up (me and my wife), got ready, and then headed out shortly after 6:00 AM on the road to Minnesota. Now, a few things to note if you're ever driving from Winnipeg to Minneapolis:

- People will tell you that it takes 5 or 6 hours to get to Minneapolis. What they don't tell you is that they were going 20 over the speedlimit to make that sort of time.

- If you're going to be speaking at a code camp and you mention it to the boarder guards, make sure you know *where* the code camp is happening...

D'Arcy - I'm speaking at a conference (I think conference is easier to explain than code camp)
Boarder Guard - Where is this conference at?
D'Arcy - *blank stare* I can't remember the name actually.
Boarder Guard - You're speaking at a conference and you don't know where it is?!
D'Arcy - Well no...usually I just Google-Map it when I get there.

For whatever reason this guy realized that I wasn't a terrorist and that I was harmless and let us on our way. But it could have gone oh so wrong.

Now you may be wondering why I left at 5:00 AM. The answer my friends: Albertville. Albertville is a little ways outside of Minneapolis proper and is the home to at least a mile of outlet mall shopping goodness. Where else can you buy Haggar pants for 15 dollars or Rockport shoes for 80? Anyway, we spent a good deal of time at said mall, which was why we left so early.

We finally rolled into Minneapolis at 6:30ish...went out to grab a bite, and now we're back dead tired from the day...except, well...I have presentations to work on. ;)

Look for live-posting from the Twin Cities code camp tomorrow throughout the day!



# re: Adventures in the USA - Twin Cities Code Camp

You *drove* to Minneapolis?!?!? Why not fly and then rent a car?! That could have saved you some time/energy, no?

That said, a long mile of outlet stores is worth the effort. My one regret is that we never hit up the outlets in Anaheim. Hope you shopped well and abundantly! 4/5/2008 11:16 AM | Mrs Loquacious

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