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An Open Message to Jeff Julian

Tuesday, April 1, 2008 3:38 PM

Hi Jeff,

Recently Chris Williams posted this on his blog:

That's it, I'm done.

No more blog. No more tech. No more consulting. No more speaking.

I'm dropping out of the tech community and I've lined up a promising new career on an Alpaca farm in New Mexico. I'll supplement my income selling peyote to tourists and doing alien tours of Roswell.

(So, yeah... no more snow either.)


The post has since been removed, however I think it's clear that Chris has realized that farming Alpaca's in New Mexico is a better option to trying to maintain his place atop the leaderboard in the GWB posting race.

I hearby ask that you remove him from the list and crown the next person, whoever *that* may be, as the new #1 poster here at GWB.

Of course, I'm totally expecting Chris to have done this to get onto the April Fool's Day bandwagon, but with my luck of posting comments lately and putting my foot in my mouth, I'm sure that I'm wrong on this as well and will suffer greatly for the sake of providing a laugh to others.




# re: An Open Message to Jeff Julian

D'Arcy - just take advantage of him not paying attention this weekend during Code Camp to bypass him on the GWB board - oh wait you'll be there too...I guess I'll take advantage of both of you being busy to shoot straight up to the top! :)
4/1/2008 5:20 PM | Lou

# re: An Open Message to Jeff Julian

Keep dreamin' Panda...

4/1/2008 9:10 PM | Blogus Maximus

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