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Weird Leopard Issue: Drops Wireless Network Connection

Sunday, March 23, 2008 10:39 PM

I upgraded my iMac to Leopard recently, and so far I've been totally underwhelmed with the "enhancements" to the OS, although the time-capsule feature is really the main reason I picked it up (my wife hasn't really played enough with the new iPhoto yet, so I'm sure more of the tweaks will come to light eventually). But as an OS, it still works well, runs WoW...does what I need it to.

But I've noticed a weird issue lately: ever since I upgraded the OS, I randomly lose my wireless network connection. I can then right click the little wireless icon and reconnect to the network which is still shown as being available...but why does it disconnect in the first place?! It's not an issue with my router, because this just started happening when I upgraded.

Anyway, gonna look into it more but wanted to throw this out there in case someone has run into this problem and found a solution to it.



# re: Weird Leopard Issue: Drops Wireless Network Connection

I think this was one of the problems fixed by SP1.
Or .2 or whatever they called it.

Still, might be a fix/hint on this thread 3/23/2008 11:38 PM | Kent Sharkey

# re: Weird Leopard Issue: Drops Wireless Network Connection

I have the exact same problem, and by the looks of google it seems like its a pretty widely held issue... any answers other than SP1? I'm on a pretty recent iteration...?

4/13/2008 5:15 AM | Ed

# re: Weird Leopard Issue: Drops Wireless Network Connection

I had this same problem, and after reading, I found one person that suggested running the Disk Utility to check for permission errors on the hard disk. Then repair the disk permissions. This solved it for me. 12/1/2008 11:29 AM | VW

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