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So far, so good...well, except MSN Messenger

Friday, February 29, 2008 9:43 AM

I'm at work, I have a full 5 bars available to me, and my little Sierra 595U is working perfectly! I have Internet access at work! Hurray! And villagers dance...

Still once slight glitch though: for some reason MSN Messenger does *not* like the connection. It logs me in for literally a second, then drops...tries to login again, connects for a second, then drops. Not sure if there's a connection with the type of connection I'm using and how MSN Messenger works, but Web-Messenger is working fine so I'm kewl with that.

Let's see how this little modem ends up working over the day! I'm very interested to see what my usage is as well. I signed up for an 8 MB plan, mainly because I'm *not* expecting to do anything heavier than email and communication with this...but we'll see how the usage scenarios shake out.



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