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No really, I *know* what will work on my laptop...

Thursday, February 28, 2008 1:21 PM

So my current gig is going really well...I'm on contract with a government office doing analysis work. However, as it sometimes goes with new gigs and bringing on outside people, not everything is in place; the lack of a network account being the main one.

But no big deal, I've got my laptop here with me so things should be alright. However, there's also no public internet access here...no wireless I can jack into, no free signals (well, there are...but they're all weak...and unsecured...but thanks 'Niko'), etc.

Today I wanted to install my copy of Visio on my laptop, but the disc isn't one that is baked with the product key...and I don't have internet to access my MSDN subscription page. So I make an executive decision: Walk down to the local mall (which is about 4 or 5 blocks away) and visit the Telus shop there.

My goal is to get a PCMCIA card for my laptop that I can get wireless internet with (its a business expense, helloooo write off). I get to the store, and start talking with a friendly Telus sales associate (no seriously, no sarcasm there at all...I've been REALLY happy with Telus, and I've been with Rogers...won't touch MTS with a 10 foot pole).

He brings out the three different types of cards that they offer and we talk cost and plans. Two of them are around $300 without a contract, but then there's the PCMCIA card one that's on for $100! The conversation goes something like this:

Me: Dude, that's the one I want!

Him: Ok...are you sure that it'll work in your machine? I had one guy who thought it would and brought it back

Me: (Realizing this guy doesn't know that I'm a full time geek and obviously that "other guy" was some newb that didn't know an SD slot from his RJ-45 jack) I'm sure...I know my computer has a slot for this. I have a TV Tuner card at home that works the same way...its all good.

Him: Ok.

<Cue forshadowing music...>

So I get back to the office (5 blocks later) and eagerly start the installation process. "Insert card into your computer." Ok.

Hmm..its not going in all the way.

Hmm..that's odd...



That's right...it doesn't fit. Now, I admit that I don't have a tonne of PCMCIA cards kicking around the house, but I obviously underestimated the real reason behind
a) The huge price drop on the card
b) My knowledge of laptop hardware

It's just one of those days...sigh...



# re: No really, I *know* what will work on my laptop...

Nice! Wish I could say I have never done anything like that. 2/28/2008 3:46 PM | Jeff Julian

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