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Now I Know How How Colin and Justin Feel

Monday, February 25, 2008 7:33 AM

I'm working on a web project, implementing some new functionality. The web-app was originally written in .NET 1.1, upgraded to 2.0, and has all the "great, productivity-enhancing features" that Microsoft touted when .NET was first released.

Of course, all those features can become an absolute pain when you need to add a huge piece of functionality, not just tweak something here or there. The state of the project doesn't fall with the devs; they were developing with the tools and best-practice guidance they had at the time, and the application as it is does work.

Looking at the project though, I was really troubled about just adding new functionality into the existing app...it was like adding another bandage on without really looking at the sore underneath. So I decided to take on a bit of a side project and bring it up to speed a bit, and let me tell you: so far its been awesome! Seeing lines of code delete away in place of sleek, lean code or creating tiers to separate the concerns...magical.

I realize that sometimes you might be in a project that's so huge you aren't allowed the time to actually re-write or re-create huge portions of the code. But let me tell you: do what you can, and treat it like one of those home renovation shows, and you'll have a blast!



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