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Why am I so weak?! Why do I give in so easily?! I'm ashamed...

Tuesday, August 14, 2007 3:32 PM


Now you just hang tight, I'll be away for a few minutes while I get the phone ...


"Well hello there."

....oh my God...YOU!

"Yes, it's me...did you miss me?"

Look, I told you before: last time was it! We're through! I'm very happy right now, things are going really really well! I don't need you in my life!

"Mmmhmm...sure you don't. You're more than happy to just sit there running around with "her" all the time, hmmm? Never gets boring, all the running around she makes you do...the long trips...all those HOURS of time where you're really doing nothing...just running on auto it would seem. I'm sure you're happy."

LOOK...in the past few months we've really gotten closer together! Things have been going really well...we're really enjoying the experience we're gaining together! Besides, even if I was thinking about...changing, what makes you think I'd turn to you?! There are other options y'know!

"Oh now love, don't make me laugh! I've seen the 'competition', and we both know that if you were serious you would have explored those options already. Look, I've got what you want: the looks, the excitement, and the speed. I won't make you walk for twenty minutes to get a little action, and my parts feel much more comfortable resting in your hands. Now, you know where to find me...I'll be waiting."


Sigh...yes I'm weak...I'm not proud of it, and I hate to admit it...I don't know what the draw is every year...this happened last year too...man, this "temporary break" is going to be tough. I really do love my World of Warcraft.

But I can't...resist...Madden '08!



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