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SQL 2008 - Beyond Relational

Tuesday, July 10, 2007 4:39 PM

There's a video series on the SQL 2008 product site that reviews at a high level the "4 Pillars" that SQL 2008 is built upon.

One of these is "Beyond Relational". This video talks about some of the new features that are part of 2008 from a data-storage and retrieval point of view. There are a bunch of new datatypes (including some updated date/time ones that increase precision), but the big one that will be touted is the filestream datatype.

It was explained in the video as the "best of both worlds" between storing data as blobs in the database and expensive file I/O...ok, that sentence sounded like taking the best out of two negative things...you know what I mean though.

Kind of got me thinking (conspiracy cap on) if the reason that the fancy new file system that was supposed to be shipped with Vista was just shelved because hey, why store files in a file system (that's SO Windows 98) when you can store all your files in SQL 2008...maybe on a Microsoft Home Server...or not, but regardless it does make it interesting to think now what sort of options applications and users will have for where to store data, especially if there's a performance gain or at least increased performance in application situations.

Finally, the other big feature they mention is geo-spacial data types for storing spacial data (think GIS systems). Unfortunately they don't really go into detail on this (so I'm not sure whether it's just a dressed up way of storing x/y coordinates, or lang/long values, etc.)...but I'm curious to see what this sort of new data structure will allow.



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