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Sopranos - Gearing Up for Last Episode

Monday, June 4, 2007 3:03 AM

<Spoiler Alert> Didn't see the episode last night? Stop reading. </Spoiler Alert>

Over the last year and a half my weekly TV addiction has turned into The Sopranos. Unfortunately I missed the earlier seasons, so I'm coming in late, but that doesn't mean that  this Sunday's finale is any less climactic.

There's crazy speculation on Facebook about what will go down in the last episode, but honestly there's no real telling what will go down or how they'll pull off a finale in 64 minutes...but maybe that's the beauty of the show: they don't need a blockbuster 2 hour series finale for the end to be any more meaningful.

Considering that the finale originally was to be the end of last season, we've been treated to something way better than the "I wonder what will happen to them" season ender that the Christmas episode provided.

So will Tony get whacked? Only if Phil Leotardo (the best name ev-AR for a gangster btw) gets it in the end as well. Maybe Paulie assumes control? AJ could snap out of his depression and turn into Tony Jr., but considering the amount of time for the series finale that seems very unrealistic.

I'm seriously thinking that Phil is going to "break code" and kill off Carm and Meadow somehow...something to push Tony over the edge and start an all out killfest.

Or...how ironic would this be...Tony and Phil both show up with their goons to have it out. But they pick a warehouse that ends up being the location of a huge bomb that the terrorists Tony helped supply weapons to set up! Ha! Totally reminiscent of the end of Monty Python and the Holy Grail where the final climactic battle is squashed by the British police.

Anyway, should be good times regardless of what goes down.



# re: Sopranos - Gearing Up for Last Episode

I was wondering what happened to that young lady who was in i think only one epesode as a qwire practice classmate of tonys doughter.She was i think with red haire and kindof cute in a sexy ugly way , she sortof resemebles the guy who played the man/gohst on the rapid trnsist in the movie gohst.I was also wondering if in reel life the girl was his doughter becouse they look a lot alike 6/5/2007 9:50 AM | Tommy Heil

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