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Reality Update: The Apprentice LA/Beauty and the Geek 3

Monday, January 8, 2007 4:30 AM

The Apprentice LA

We kicked off the third season of The Apprentice last night. The Donald and his producers realized that the old formula was getting old, so they pulled a Vince McMahon and decided to mix it up:

It's in LA
Losing teams sleep in tents outside
Winning Project Manager sits in on the boardroom as advisor to Trump
Bianca Trump is WAY easier on the eyes than Catherine was

Overall pretty good first episode. I mean, it wasn't gripping TV, but I'd put it under guilty pleasure status. Martin the weird attorney from Atlanta was first to go. Frank would have been less annoying going forward, but there would be less drama and that's what you want to keep you glued to the set right? Well...if that gets old there's always Bianca I guess...

Beauty and the Geek 3

Now THIS show has it all: ditsy ladies, and the geekiest of the geeks. I mean...let me ask you a question:

When I say the word "booty", what's the first thing that comes to your mind? Think about it...ok. Now, for these guys, it was "Pirate Treasure". Pirate Treasure?! Are you serious?! Wow.

There's one team that I think will take it all, unless they get targeted for being the strongest team and the rest all gang up. The guy sings in a Star Wars tribute band: all their songs are based on star wars. Nice.

Oh, and the team with the Linux loving, anti-Microsoft geek got turfed the first week. HA!



# re: Reality Update: The Apprentice LA/Beauty and the Geek 3

Well come on now .. Pirates of the Caribbean came out in stores not that long ago ... I'm sure that would have caused "pirate treasure" to be on top of their minds when referring to booty! 1/8/2007 7:31 AM | Jason Row

# re: Reality Update: The Apprentice LA/Beauty and the Geek 3

D'Arc... I think this is the 6th season, not the 3rd for the Apprentice, and Trump's daughter is Ivanka, not Bianca. ;)

Other than that... I wasn't very impressed with the Apprentice this season. I found it very gimicky and I rolled my eyes quite a bit. The task was kind of stupid, too, and they had 40 minutes to kill after the task was done. I think there's a big hole that's been left by George and Carolyn, and apparently Bill is no longer working for Trump either, so it's just him and Ivanka, which is seriously lacking if you ask me. I found I flipped channels a lot because I was bored... and I'm not sure what timeslot this is actually going to be in, but if it's going to have to compete with Desperate Housewives for my Sunday night viewing pleasure, the wives are definitely going to kick some cob-over ass.

T. 1/8/2007 9:42 AM | Tara

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