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Palm 700wx So Far

Sunday, January 7, 2007 9:02 PM

My love for my Palm is about 70%. Why only 70%?

The Good

It's an excellent mobile PDA! The EVDO connection is excellent, and I've got my device synching with our Exchange server back at the office. MSN works great, web browsing works great...its all great! Except...

The Not So Good

This is a PDA/Phone...PHONE...its a PHONE. When you call using a PHONE, you should be able to hear the person and have the person hear you. I've placed all of 4 or 5 calls with my Treo...only during one was the other person able to hear me. I was thinking that maybe I had the mute function turned on or something, but nope...it wasn't.

So I'm going to be using it alot over the next week and see if the problem persists. After some Googling, apparantly this is an alarmingly common problem with the Treo 700 series.

But...maybe I'll just kill the phone part of my service and stick to only data...but that seems silly for getting a device that's supposed to make calls.



# re: Palm 700wx So Far

Palm 700wx where do I start. I bought my PDA on DEC/5/2006 and went home excited. After a few days of playing around with it I began to experience gwes.exe errors. At first I began to ignore them but after a while I became concern with the frequency at which they appeared. So I did what any PDA lover would do: I INVESTIGATED. I have summed up my problems with cons to make reading easer.

- expect gwes errors, and lots of them. Ps. you would think that the report to Microsoft would resolve the problem, but don’t expect much
- If you are answering a call and the phone freezes don't be suppressed
-if the phone melts down and the screen turns complete white locking off all use of applications don't panic, that’s normal operations
-compare the camera functions between the os software on the Palm 700/650 and Palm 700wx and you will find that the Palm 700wx is an embracement. Pictures are dark and cloudy on the 700wx while the 700/650 is as clean as a whistle.
-you will learn very quickly that data plans on PDAs will not give you ease of access to internet applications like video files or media application on the internet.
-when you call Palm head office regarding software conflicts they will tell you ".... we only make the phone, we are not responsible for the software, you will have to call Microsoft Corp."
-Besides what's with the only 3 months support from Palm. After expect to pay big $$$$$$$$$$ for per support call. You would think that they would want to create life long Palm lovers, but they don’t care.
-when you think that after using an application and you close it like any computer it remains closed, but not whit the Palm 700wx. Windows Mobile 5.0 by design doesn't offer a way to completely exit programs; it was all too easy to have lots of apps running and thereby slow down the device

So far if Palm could improve on 25% of the problem I would be sold. I have with replaced my Treo with the Nokia 6165i and when I compare the two I am 100% satiffied. Nokia and Sony Erickson are the two names that I can trust.
1/10/2007 4:12 AM | Barrie

# re: Palm 700wx So Far

I haven't had one problem with my phone. I've had it for 5 months now and it works perfectly fine. I read that someone has trouble closing programs out. If you read your manual you would see that you can close MULTIPLE programs by choosing settings, then memory and finally "RUNNING PROGRAMS".

4/17/2007 2:20 PM | Matt

# re: Palm 700wx So Far

Just read your past post, I have owned a 600, 650 and now 700 WS. I was an old Palm user and kinda migrated through as I liked the Plam Desktop over Outlook. All I can say about Palm is that it is a growing disaster. Nothing works well on it!! 1/2/2008 9:41 AM | Shawn Williams

# re: Palm 700wx So Far

I'm on my 4th palm in 4 months. I'm so frustrated with the phone and I want everyone out there to know that this is a terrible phone. Don't waste your time with it. They are replacing my current one with palm 700p and sorry. I don't think sorry is good enough for the trouble I went through, so save yourself the headache and don't purchase palm 700wx. 4/15/2008 8:21 PM | Dana

# re: Palm 700wx So Far

i love my phone. had the blackberry world phone edition before this one... sucks compared to this baby. i love the 700wx. great text, great call quality, superfast email and internet browsing.. what more could you ask for!!! best phone out there.. trust me. (tried both blackberry and palm) palm wins out by a long shot. 5/9/2008 12:32 AM | jesse

# re: Palm 700wx So Far

I love it too. I guess some ppl got bad batches or something.. This is by far the best phone I've ever had EVER! 8/21/2008 10:48 AM | Iuvit2

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