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Vacation Day 2: MNF Aftermath and Timewarp

Tuesday, December 5, 2006 8:00 AM
It's almost 9 AM. I know what you all are thinking: you're on vacation, why aren't you in bed?! Well, I'm normally an early riser...plus my back tends to wake me up early to, reminding me that I'm 30 and overweight.

My living room has all the typical signs of my MNF gettogether from last night with the guys: plates with chicken wing bones stripped of all flesh, some half-drunk 2-litres of Pepsi and Dr. Pepper, empty chip bags...but man, how about Jeff Garcia?! Great game last night, especially since my Falcons are now still in the running for a wildcard spot! Let's go Vick! (if Mora benches him, he's a tool)

So yesterday we ran some errands, and it was the scariest day of my life. Why? Because it was like a horror movie, and the title would have been "Dawn of the Almost Dead". That's right...senior citizens...EVERYWHERE! The only somewhat young people were enslaved to teh seniors in local coffee shops and restaurants where they still had to serve the 80somethings or face stern retribution of tales on what customer service was like "back in their day".

So what's up for today? More WoW (once the almost 500MB update installs...aren't all these files supposed to come from the server? Why am I having to download all this crap?). Some reading. Picking up a Christmas tree (maybe). And sleeping. And Its only tuesday. HA! I love vacation...



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