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Mac Update: It Wasn't Me!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006 1:15 PM

So my new logic board got to the shop today, and they installed it. When they booted up my machine they actually got the question mark (which I believe means that it just can't find the hard drive).

However, it seems the new logic board is only part of the solution. The hard drive will now not mount to anything at all. Even when put into an external casing and connected to another machine, it doesn't show up. Not good.

So now I'm waiting on the hard drive to be shipped because...

Mac Lesson: You can't use non-Mac parts...even if they are available at the local store

Apparantly this is just a 250 gig WD drive, but it needs to be an "Apple" drive (complete with Apple logo apparantly), so I need to wait for it to come from the factory...y'know, because they obviously have such GREAT quality control considering what all has happened here.

But I ponder...could it have been boot camp that did this? No, I don't think it was. I did get the "boot to OS X or Mac" screen once and was successful in booting to OS X, and I never did run Windows or go through the install...I think it was just coincidence that my hardware woes decided to show up while I was playing around with that which I shouldn't have been.

So...another day without my Mac...



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