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Unforgiven: 8/10

Sunday, September 17, 2006 7:54 PM

WWE Unforgiven was tonight, and it was actually pretty enjoyable for the most part:

Johnny Nitro over Mat Hardy
Great intro match, although they need to give Mat some new music, new gimmick...something. Malina has nice hair.

Kane and Umaga - Double Countout
Yeah, this was the "go check on the wings and get more pop" match. Who cares.

Randy Orton over Carlito
Randy Orton is by far one of the best talents the WWE has right now. Carlito, although I think he has a stupid gimmick, was excellent in the ring. Great finish too.

DX over McMahons with Big Show
Vince McMahons face was shoved into the Big Shows bare ass crack. What more do you need to know? Hopefully this will draw this fued to an end...but I doubt it.

Spirit Squad over Highlanders
Who cares...

Trish Stratus over Lita
Everone knew Trish would win the belt in her home town on her final match before retirement. Lita looks horrible lately (lately = last year or so). Typical woman's match with missed spots, and slapping, and whatnot...not great, but a great sendoff for Stratus.

John Cena over Edge
This match was awesome! First, you have a Canadian crowd...remember that Canadians will mark out for anyone from the city the event is being hosted in. Edge, although the heel in this program with Cena, was by far the crowd favorite. He got massive pops. Cena on the other hand looked genuinely bewildered at the fact he got so much heat from the crowd. They had a huge hate-on for Cena tonight, and it definately took away I think from Cena winning the title back. Great match though, with lots of bodies going through tables, being smacked with chairs, and rammed with ladders.

Great job WWE, much better PPV than the last one.



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