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Justice Gray's take on Scott Bellware

Friday, September 15, 2006 7:14 AM

Justice Gray posted on his blog recently about some comments Scott Bellware made regarding a soundbite from .NET Rocks stating that "Scrum is a flavor of XP".

Justice's point is that Scott is really hating on .NET Rocks because he's folicly challanged, and that he's really jealous of the .NET Rocks team's sexy hair.

But there's more to the story than we know. I used my keen skills in Googling to delve into the history of Scott Bellware...to find out who this man is, what is his background, and why he's bald and seems to have a hate-on for people with incredibly great hair (which, btw, I have consistently). And that's where I found this:

Yes folks, that is Scott Bellware....WITH HAIR! The picture is from a Visual Studio Talk Show episode from 2005.

So what does this mean to Justice's theory? Maybe its not that Scott is folicly challanged...maybe its just that Scott hates hair, especially good looking hair! Could it be that in a fit of rage while courting a young lass she left him in favor for Carl Franklin and his amazingly quaffed locks?!

Is it that personal, or did he just realize that hair causes the average person to spend hundreds of dollars a year in products and he's on a personal vandetta against all those who diverge from the wash-and-go style of hair?

Or maybe he's just a big fan of Stone Cold Steve Austin...dammit, I should have pulled the Mad Mexican stunt on him at DevTeach!



# re: Justice Gray's take on Scott Bellware

Ah, but what happened to Scott's hair? Was it thinning and thus he shaved it all off? Was he born with the balding gene or was this a lifestyle choice? Scott Bellware's heart is an ocean of secrets, D'Arcy - we may never know the truth.

9/15/2006 7:40 AM | Justice~!

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