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CFL Week 11 Recap, Week 12 Predictions

Tuesday, August 29, 2006 7:20 AM

Gonna make this quick...busy busy busy.

I was off a bit on my picks for last week. Montreal dropped their third straight, but I'm very hopefull that the recent addition of A. Belli from the Ti-Cats will help booster their D. Hamilton I've given up all hope on. I really thought that maybe, just maybe, they'd be able to pull it together for the Sask game, but they didn't even show up. The game turned into more of a "Will SK be able to break 50 points?!" than any interest in the Ti-Cats coming back. Horrible. But thank God for Winnipeg, who you can always count on to totally screw up in the final minutes of a game...or an entire second half come to think of it! Go Toronto.

Now this weeks pics:

Montreal over BC
I've gotta stick with my boys...but this will be a true test to see if Montreal is serious or not. BC looks very good, and you only show how good you are beating good teams. Definately the matchup of the week.

Sask over Winnipeg
Even if Kevin Glenn and Milt Stegall come back, the Bombers are sucking right now, and Sask is looking hot hot hot! However, this will be a good test to see if they really are as dominant against a team that isn't from Hamilton.

Calgary over Edmonton
Calgary is the dark horse of the west, and they'll easily hand Edmonton their next defeat.

Toronto over Hamilton High-School Team
Seriously...Hamilton is horrible. They're playing for next year, as this year is a tran wreck beyond salvage.

Enjoy the games this week!



# re: CFL Week 11 Recap, Week 12 Predictions

I like your picks this week although I dunno what you got against our bombers. I agree with your picks except the Winnipeg Sask game. With Stegall and Glenn back we're gonna light it up. We would have won last week if it wasn't for some horrible QB'ing. What was Quinn's QB Rating, like 30-something...terrible. And Sask isn't hot hot hot...they were playing Hamilton for gods sake, anybody looks good against them. 8/29/2006 7:56 AM | Dylan

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