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CFL Week 5 Recap

Saturday, July 15, 2006 8:43 PM

One for three this week. Hamilton didn't so much win the game as they undersucked compared to Calgary. What a horrible penatly filled game. And Calgary...HORRIBLE! I guess they aren't as hot as I thought.

And I had my reservations about putting BC over Sask again, but really its such a crapshoot when it comes to teams in the west this year. I watched up to half time when BC went up 23 - 10. I figured that BC had it in hand...but then I turn back in the fourth and Sask has the lead?! Unbelievable.

And then there was the Winnipeg Game...

Ah yes...I believe I picked the Montreal Alouette's to take this one, and in an excellent game (well, for the first half anyway) we were treated to seeing the true #1 team emerge. Winnipeg jumped to an early start, and looked really REALLY good for most of the first half! But Montreal clawed thier way back with a last minute touchdown  to put them up 16-15 at the half. Then the second half started, and Winnipeg ran out of gas while Montreal continued their “slow and steady wins the race” mentality. It also helped that Winnipeg lost two of their O-lineman for the entire second half and both QB's took time on the bench for injuries (Quin got ROCKED...it was pretty nasty). Charles Roberts who? Stupid mistakes also cost them. In one of the most costly turnovers of the game, the Bombers mishandled recieving the punt and Montreal recovered around the 5 yard line. On another special teams play, Montreal had one player line up behind the punter, and he was able to recover the football. Oh how tricky the Don is!

However, this game was marred by some of the worst officiating EV-AR! Horrible calls...and I wanted Montreal to win...but these calls (or lack of calls) were unreasonable! The worst infraction was when the Bombers had intercepted a Calvillo pass, but the Montreal player held on to it as well, although it was painfully obvious that Winnipeg's player had control. It was ruled a reception for Montreal instead. Again, not really complaining, but the Als are good enough to be able to beat the Bombers without help from the Zebras. With that said, the Bombers can't blame the refs for the loss. Most of the bad calls came late in the game when it was all but over.

Anyway, a great game to cap an otherwise non-stellar weekend for CFL games.



# re: CFL Week 5 Recap

You can't blame the refs for the loss. Losing 3 out of 5 of our O-Line men is the main reason for the loss. However, you can blame the refs for preventing Winnipeg from coming back and making an interesting game of it. When Tom Canada gets called for barely brushing Calvio's head in game one, but when Quinn gets rocked by a helmet under the chin, and no call is made, you know that the fix is in. 7/17/2006 7:02 AM | Boomer

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