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Hey Business Owners, Listen Up!

Saturday, July 15, 2006 6:15 AM

Bad companies are all around us. I'm sure that many of us have stories about past or current working environments that have been less than satisfactory (this story is a bit extreme, but I found myself going “Wow, so I guess pricks are all over the place.”)

I read a quote this morning in the paper that is so true though, and the next time you see key people leaving, or a mass exodus happening from your staff, consider this:

“People don't quit companies, they quit people.”

It is so true. I worked at one place where I loved the people I worked with. We always said that if it was just us and the owners were removed, that we'd have an awesome company. But over time and putting up with mounting BS, one by one talent drained from the company to the point where the entire desktop department of 10 that were there when I started have all moved on to other things. Think about that: in the span of 1.5 to 2 years, teh department manager, the developer leads, and key developers all left/were let go but were looking anyway. What does this say? It wasn't that we didn't like working with each other. It wasn't that we didn't think we could put out a great product. In the end, at least for me, it was not being able to continue working for owners who were highly lacking ethically IMHO (and I'd put money that it was the opinion of my co-workers as well).

There are always going to be owners who done give a crap about the people they employ, and just want to make money at any cost. But for those of you that do care about your business as more than a money making machine, and appreciate the people you employ as more than just resources and as actual people, just remember that their buying into you just as much as the company...and in a very real sense, you are the company to them and they will judge whether you're worthy of them.

Chris posted about why we can be so nasty to one another. I'd add a challange to business owners that they need to re-evaluate how they treat employees as well.

*Note: This post should not give the impression I'm disgruntled with my current employer, which happens to be kick ass. ;) It's more of an ongoing frustration with deficincies I see on a whole within our industry and labour guidelines.


# re: Hey Business Owners, Listen Up!

D, I know exactly what you mean, as a stragler still fighting the man at the place you mention.....contact me for the latest...I thought I had seen it all 7/15/2006 7:11 AM | S

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