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CFL Week 4

Wednesday, July 5, 2006 9:12 AM

We're heading into week 4 of the CFL season. It's still too early to tell who the really great teams are, although there are some obvious choices.

In the East, Montreal is looking fantastic, and should easily move to 4-0 after tomorrow night. Toronto has been hurt hugely by Damon Allen's absence...but one player does not a team make, and they have alot of issues with their defense and offensive line. Hamilton...they have the talent, they just can't seem to finish the games...and Maas has an arm, let him throw downfield! And finally Winnipeg...look, its impressive that they're 2-1...but let's see some wins over tough teams before proclaiming them the Cinderella story of the East.

In the West, BC is the out-in-front leader, although Saskatchewan showed that they're ready for prime time in that second game. Edmonton is horrible. Calgary is dysfunctional, but dangerous...they'll be the most exciting of the western teams to watch this year for sure.

So here's what I think will go down this week:

Montreal over Hamilton
Sorry ti-cat fans, but your team is heading for 0 and 4.

BC over Edmonton
The western version of the Montreal/Hamilton game...Edmonton is going to hit the 1-3 mark and continue their suckfest, even with Mumford on board.

Winnipeg over Toronto
Spurgyn Wynn is horrible...HORRIBLE! The Winnipeg defense is stellar right now, and the offense is starting to pick up steam. Again, this isn't a real test for the Bombers challange wise...its more of a “Can you maintain what you've started?” type of test.

Sask over Calgary
Sask has gone against the class of the West and won...there's no reason they shouldn't win against Team Dysfunction. However...Calgary has been wiley so far, and pulled a few upsets out of their collective @$$es...could be close, could be a blowout...we'll have to wait and see.



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