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Live Action Zelda Movie

Sunday, April 2, 2006 8:38 PM

Found this link off of the Diggnation site (btw, I wonder how Kevin Rose now feels about Sarah Lane getting married to Brendan Moran, although apparantly Kevin's been linked to CFH co-host Amber MacArther...and they say there's no drama in technology).

Anyway, its a trailer for a fan-site based live action movie based on some form of The Legend of Zelda. The production value looks pretty well done. The acting...well, its a fan-site based thing, so I'm not expecting Oscar winning performances, but they don't look horrible either. Although...with that said...just because Link wore that gimpy little green outfit doesn't mean that it couldn't have gotten an update for this movie. Plus, where are the oktoroks and leevers?!

Ok...showing my inner bam-child a little too much.



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