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Don't Underestimate the Remote Wal-Mart Location

Friday, March 10, 2006 9:43 AM

So yesterday I decided to jump onto the Ghost Recon bandwagon and pick me up a copy of the game. Of course, I had already heard by mid afternoon that they were sold out everywhere, shortages of the game, blah blah blah. So when I went to my local Best Buy, I wasn't surprised that they had sold out of their copies.

Later that night while I was out getting groceries, I stopped by the local Wal Mart. Now, you need to realize that here in Winnipeg (IMHO anyway) most people don't buy their games at Walmart...for whatever reason. So I wasn't surprised either that when I walked in there were at lest 6 or so copies of the game avialable. And it was cheaper than Best Buy's price (but no t-shirt).

So far, the game gets high marks. It's not the typical run and shoot, which I found out the hard way (oh...I can die that quickly eh?). Havn't tried multiplayer yet either, but I'm looking forward to it...looks to be more of a Halo-ish interface for creating games, something that CoD totally lacked.

I'm at Promise Keeper's all weekend though...so no game time for D'Arcy




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